Getting a Discount on Every Online Purchase

There are any number of ways online shopping makes life easier, no travel, easy comparison shopping, home delivery. It’s a great way to buy stuff. There’s only one drawback. The price is the price. There’s no way to get a discount, or is there?

Actually, there are several simple tools you could use to get a discount when you’re shopping online.

One example, using chat. There’s no law against using a site’s chat feature to ask for a lower price, just like you would in person at a store.

No chat? Call them on the phone. Simply explain to a customer service rep you’re shopping around for the best price, and ask them if they’ll give you a discount to seal the deal. If that won’t work, try asking for free shipping. Here’s an old trick.

Put your purchase in your virtual shopping cart. Then abandon it. Sometimes merchants will entice you to follow through with a discount.

A little king or queen?

Another simple idea, buy discounted gift cards online, and use those for your purchase. Sometimes you can save 10% that way, sometimes even more. Another thing you should always do, use a cashback site that rebates part of everything you buy. That’s another way to save 2% to 10%. then pay with a cash back credit card and get another 1% to 3% rebate. You always want to search coupon codes before you check out.

Final idea, use social media. Search vendor Facebook pages with words like coupon and discount. Signing up at store websites for email alerts can also sometimes net you some savings.

Bottom line, when you’re shopping online, it often appears the price is the price, but there’s always a way to save a buck or two. Now, what you need is more information, maybe a few links.